January 2016

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A little overview of the first month of 2016, which I personally thought was a pretty good month, although not wintery enough by far. I am a winter person, I love when the cold slaps you in the face, the days are short and you need three extra blankets to stay warm at night. So the 12 degrees Celcius we've been having these past few weeks are not really doing it for me.

But Awards Season is in full swing and I'm happy to see Leo collecting all his well-deserved statues. 'The Revenant' is the only Oscar nominated film that has impressed me this season anyway, so far. And while the rest of the world seems to be making a big fuss about the #OscarsSoWhite issue, what I really worry about is the fact that not one tv channel over here is even broadcasting the Oscars this year. - I knooooow.

I've also tried to keep up with all the Pre-Fall 2016 collections that have been presented over the past few months and after the spectacle of the Haute Couture shows last week I feel I am now ready for the upcoming Fall 2016 fashion weeks. I don't think I'll have time to attend any myself this season but I am all prepared to have my social media accounts clog up with streetstyle photos again and for vogue.com to bring me my daily dose of fresh inspiration. Naturally I'll share some of it on here later.

As for my own outfits lately - I am in the middle of a big renovation project and so I've been spending a lot of time dressed in my oldest and most comfortable clothing. Usually topped off with a beanie and, more often than I would like to admit, with a pair of Uggs. And I love having an excuse to not make an effort, if I'm totally honest.

credit: fash-n-chips.com, foxmovies.com, zimbio.com, vogue.com and youtube