I am lucky enough to have naturally wavy hair (on most days, that is), it's definitely my favourite kind of 'do; messy, wavy and preferably also with a bit of volume. I can't say I ever really styled my hair before - I usually just wash it, often at the end of the day so I can go to sleep with my hair still damp, and wake up with a "surprise hairdo". Sometimes it turns out more wavy than other times. But when Cara McLeay (A Fashion Love Affair) sent me the XO Styling Iron a few weeks ago I was excited to try it out! She designed this iron in collaboration with Mode. And I've never had an iron that was so easy to use before ánd looked so stylish at the same time! Most times I still find myself too lazy to style my hair in any kind of way but I use the iron on a daily basis to just get those random waves and curls in place. I can highly recommend the XO Styling Iron - you can find more info on it here.

credit: pinterest, fashiongonerogue and 4th image by me