Chanel Spring 2014

The Chanel show during PFW is always a highlight - this goes for the actual runway show as well as the streetstyle circus outside of Grand Palais before and after the show - and in Chanel's 89 piece collection it wasn't difficult to find at least a bunch of looks I really like. First: some classic neutral Chanel tweed looks. These all seem to have a slightly more relaxed feel these days and I can áctually imagine myself wearing them as well. Second: bright pops of colour combined with loose fit leather trousers. These trousers were obviously surprising to see on a Chanel runway and, again, obviously I love them. BUT the biggest surprise came in the form of backpacks. I must have mentioned before how much I love backpacks and so obviously I find myself completely obsessed with these! I still have my old high school 'Eastpak' backpack lying in the back of my closet and seeing as, over the course of four years, all my friends left their messages and names on it with markers it also sort of looks like this. Except I never thought of attaching colourful ropes and Chanel keychains to it and unfortunately this is exactly what now seems to be missing and keeps my old backpack from looking quite this cool. I don't think I've ever wanted a Chanel bag this much before.
Also, below is a video with an impression of what goes on outside of (and before) a Chanel show at Grand Palais during PFW. Crazy.