"Prime" is a film directed by Ben Younger and starring Uma Thurman, Bryan Greenberg and the wonderful Meryl Streep. It's about the relationship between 37 year old Rafi (Uma Thurman) and 23 year old David (Bryan Greenberg). When I first saw this film a few years ago I had no expectations at all, because I had never heard of it, but now it's become one of my favourite feel-good films ever. It's definitely not a typical chick-flick, but a bittersweet and smart romantic comedy, set in realism. There's amazing intense chemistry between Uma Thurman and Bryan Greenberg, which I think is what makes me love this film so much - that, plus the fact that I have a huge crush on Bryan ;) And then there's Meryl Streep, who is also at her best in her role as Rafi's therapist and David's mother and who is responsible for some of the funniest moments in this film. I always recommend "Prime" to friends who are looking for a light film to watch (on a grey Saturday like today, for example) and I believe it's HIGHLY underrated. You can watch the trailer below (but it doesn't do it justice) and here's a brief summary:

New York City forms the backdrop for "Prime" (2005), a gentle comedy that weaves a tale of two lovers trying to keep the flame alive as an unusual obstacle is hurled in their path. Rafi Gardet is a newly divorced 37 year old career woman who regularly spills her woes to her therapist, Lisa Metzger. Rafi's love life takes a sudden upturn when she meets David Bloomberg, a penniless painter who lives on the Lower East Side with his grandparents and, at 23, is significantly younger than Rafi. Uptown girl Rafi isn't used to such differences in age and location, but the sex is great, and Bryan seems attentive enough, so she jubilantly tells Lisa in passionate detail about their blossoming relationship. The trouble is, the more Rafi tells her, the more Lisa realizes that the hot young boy-toy Rafi is busy seducing on a nightly basis is, in fact, her own son. The problems mount, with Rafi's status as a gentile not going over well with Bryan's Jewish family, and Lisa unable to decide whether to stop the therapy sessions or not.

credit: celebritywonder & primemovie