Some changes & my Oscars 2011 picks

By now I've seen all the films nominated in the Best Picture category and most of the films nominated in other big categories, so I can finally pick my Oscars favourites. Unfortunately there were not a lot of performances that really stood out for me this year. Christian Bale deserves to win Best Supporting Actor I think, although I absolutely loved Geoffrey Rush in "The King's Speech" as well.  Actually, this category seems the strongest to me out of all. It's pretty difficult choosing the Best Supporting Actress and not because I think they were all so great, but mainly because I still believe Mila Kunis' name is missing from this list and if she wás nominated I probably would've picked her. Same goes for Best Actor; I had a few favourites, but they never actually got nominated. As for the Best Picture category, I still don't understand why they now have 10 nominated films instead of 5. I really liked 6 out of 10, but if I have to pick a favourite I'll go for "Inception", 'cause that one simply blew my mind. Interesting story, brilliant cast and an amazing score by Hans Zimmer, who I think should win Best Original Score (listen here) Obviously the list of actual winners will probably be a bit different from mine, but that's okay, I'm sure I'll enjoy the show anyway ;)
Btw, as you may have noticed I made some changes to my blog today, most importantly the name and url! This is the name I had chosen for an old blog a few years ago, but when I joined Blogspot it wasn't available, so I went with something else. I wasn't so happy with that one though and Fash n Chips suits me a lot better, so I'm glad I finally got that fixed :) Please don't forget to re-add me to your blogroll, bloglovin' favourites etc. 

"Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realise something was actually strange." - Inception

credit: moviefone