The Edge Of Love

LOVED "The Edge Of Love" when it first came out in 2008. Still love everything about it, although this film is probably not outstanding (in a way "Atonement" was - because of Keira Knightley's leading role it too often gets compared to that one) The fashion and styling is amazing. The film is based on the life of Dylan Thomas, his wife and 2 best friends and is filmed primarily in Wales. On this Friday night I thought I'd pop in the DVD 'cause I haven't watched it in a while, but I just felt like sharing some images from this visually stunning film first. Check out the trailer below and watch this film if you haven't seen it already. The impeccable styling alone is worth giving this film a try!
The official synopsis:

A beautifully-drawn love story, the film revolves around two feisty, free-spirited women, Caitlin Thomas (Miller) and Vera Killick (Knightley); Vera's husband, William Killick (Murphy); and the brilliant, charismatic poet Dylan Thomas (Rhys) who loves both women. Broken promises, passion, betrayal, the shadow of war and the constant threat of imminent death push the protagonists to "The Edge of Love." The story explores the bohemian underworld of war-torn London and the intimate complexities of two young couples whose lives and loves become dangerously intertwined.

credit: google & imdb