Ryan Gosling & Blue Valentine

Since this week I finally saw "Blue Valentine" and was once again impressed by Ryan Gosling (and thought he looked gorgeous in his velvet Ferragamo tux at the Golden Globes last week!) I figured I'd do a little post about him. The film I thought was great and both Michelle Williams and Ryan gave terrific performances, but it left me with a lot of questions such as what did Dean do that made Cindy fall SO out of love with him? It felt like a 'middle part' in the film was missing, but I assume that maybe that was intentional. The story reminded me a lot of "Revolutionary Road" (by Sam Mendes, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) except that one did not leave me with any questions at all. Maybe I should just watch it again, because I discussed this with my friend and she was as confused as I am. But it ís a great film, if not a little painful (everything was so realistic!) The scenes when Dean and Cindy have just met and they fall in love are heartwarming and quite similar to early scenes from "The Notebook". But where the cheesy "The Notebook" makes us believe true love exists, "Blue Valentine" pretty much crushes this dream.
It'll be very interesting to see if Ryan and Michelle will get nominated for an Oscar this Tuesday. It would be Ryan's second Oscar nomination, as he was nominated before in 2006 for his role in "Half Nelson". Stay tuned!
And check out this video of Ryan performing "You always hurt the ones you love" (from, of course, my fave "Blue Valentine" scene!) with Jimmy Kimmel ;)

credit: justjared