Elle Fanning & Somewhere

Like the rest of the world I too fell a little in love with the beautiful Elle Fanning last year. I knew her as Dakota's baby sister and had seen her in a few films, but it's her adorable red carpet looks that really impressed me in 2010. She's a little style icon in the making and I can't wait to see how she'll continue to wow us in the future. At only 12 years old Elle has already had roles in films such as "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Babel" and she now stars alongside Stephen Dorff in the latest Sofia Coppola film "Somewhere". I love the trailer for this film and although the story seems a tad simple and this one won't be out in cinemas (in Holland) until April, I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Are you?

The official synopsis for this film:

Stephen Dorff portrays a playboy actor who is living a reckless and lavish lifestyle in Hollywood. He resides in an exorbitantly priced hotel with party guests constantly coming and going. His partying is disrupted when an 11 year girl shows up at his door, claiming to be his daughter. The situation pushes him to examine his life and take responsibility for his past actions.

credit: pic 1 myfdb, pics2 tfs