Mark Ruffalo & The Kids Are All Right

I finally saw "The Kids Are All Right" this weekend! Great film, really liked the cast and the story. It's about two children conceived by artificial insemination who bring their birth father into their family life. The lesbian mums are played by Julianne Moore and Annette Bening and both have already received several award nominations for these roles (Golden Globes and SAG, amongst others), which are well deserved in my opinion. As are Mark Ruffalo's nominations, because I think he did a fantastic job playing Paul, the sperm donor. I believe he's one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood actually, I'm always impressed by his acting. Plus, the man is incredibly sexy - just check out this gorgeous pic from GQ's Men Of The Year issue! 
I wasn't impressed by the official trailer for this film (it doesn't do it justice, in my opinion), but here's a clip of one of my favourite scenes from the film:

Annette's character is so subtle, I love the little "no, huh, why's that?" comment she makes. Anyway, go see it if you haven't already :)

credit: google