My Style Evolution?

Style evolution 1 Style evolution 2 Style evolution 3Just thought I'd use today's post to say a few things about my own style evolution. Do you see it? Yeah, me neither ;) I've strangely enough come across a few articles online lately in which people talk about my (well, mine and others) style evolution and it made me take a look back over all the outfits I've ever posted on Fash n Chips and try to see the evolution in it myself. I think if anything has noticeably changed over the past few years it has to be that nowadays I less often get photographed with a top knot (but I do still wear them), I wear less Zara and less skinnies and I more often opt for sneakers instead of heels. But I do also still wear a lot of the same things I've been wearing for years. The same jewellery, the same watch, the same sunglasses and, also, I still like to keep things simple.

Anyway, it's already weird for me to share my style with you through pictures (yes, it still is), let alone realising that you actually go over these pictures and pay enough attention to even notice a change in my style! It's fun, though. And to be honest, I never really think much about it all myself. I just wear what feels good and what kind of suits my age and lifestyle. For example, I used to wear more short skirts when I was a bit younger but I don't feel like I can pull those off anymore now. Not sure if it has to do with my age or just the fact that my legs don't look as good as they used to anymore. But anyway, it's changes like those that seem to have come naturally, although I doubt that those have been very noticeable on my blog.

But enough about me (even though it's my Birthday and so this day really should be all about me).

Do you think your own personal styles have changed much throughout the years and if so, how? I would love to hear about it!

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Bare ankles in Winter

Out and about Outfit fash-n-chips.comCOS coat, Zara trousers and cashmere sweater, Superga sneakers, Monki scarf, Céline bag and Ray-Ban sunglasses My friends call me crazy - for quite a few reasons but particularly for not wearing socks in the winter. When I wear my oversized layers, though, I feel like the only way to keep those from overwhelming me is by keeping my ankles bare. And of course I do get cold feet but I always have my UGGs waiting for me at home so it's just fine.

image by Paul for Fash n Chips