Repeating myself

February outfit 1 February outfit 2 February outfit 3COS coat, Zara dress, Boden cashmere sweater, COS trousers, Jimmy Choo boots, Triwa watch and Ray-Ban sunglasses

I'm obviously just repeating myself here. Once again I'm wearing loose fit layers and hardly any colour to speak of.. but what actually is new is this pair of Ray-Ban 'Caravan' sunglasses. They'd been on my wishlist for quite some time and have now been added to my own little Ray-Ban collection. I wear sunglasses even when it's not really all that sunny, my eyes are incredibly sensitive to light, and so I think it's nice to have a bit of a selection to choose from. The classic aviator style is definitely still a big favourite, as are the black round wayfarers you see me wear a lot, and I'm sure these 'Caravans' are soon going to seem glued to my face as well.

all images by Paul for Fash n Chips