Fash n Chips turns FOUR

Fash n Chips turns 4 years old today and I thought I'd take this moment to thank you all for continuing to visit my blog, for leaving me lovely comments on here, via email ánd on my social media channels and for, apparently, not getting bored with Fash n Chips quite yet. To be honest, these past few months it's been a bit of struggle to come up with new material and to keep myself inspired. So, some changes might be coming up as I really need to focus more on the "chips" part again as well as the "fash". Fashion (and my work as a stylist) is only a part of what I am about and what inspires me but there's a lot more and I would like to (continue to) share parts of that on Fash n Chips as well. Also, I would love to hear from YOU. What is it that you would like to see (more of) on here in the future?

image for Fash n Chips