Comfort above all else

(Massimo Dutti blazer, vintage silk top, Zara culottes, Birkenstock sandals, Topshop leather bag, Triwa watch and Ray-Ban sunglasses)

Comfort above ALL else? Well, it might sound strange but there áre times when fashion and my own personal style are the furthest things from my mind. And these times are actually not even that rare for me. It's really not often that I put a lot of tought in what I'm going to wear - and even less time is spent on "doing my hair". I tend to dress in whatever suits my mood for the day and lately it's been all about comfort. So on a random (windy?) day chances are you'll find me dressed in loose fits, Birks and with La Coupe Storm. Obviously I couldn't just head into an office like this (and thankfully I don't often have to!) but I think with this kind of outfit a nice pair of shoes and a hairbrush is really all it would take to make it "office-appropriate" as well.

all images by Paul for Fash n Chips and Vogue NL