Berries and chocolate cupcakes

Just two months ago I would never have thought I'd ever do a food post on here because I am (or used to be?) one of those people who just never bakes anything. I'm not sure why I enjoy baking so much these days because I don't even eat anything that I bake myself (I seem to make friends and family happy with it though, which is even better) but there's just something about those perfectly cute looking cupcakes.. after spending all morning in the kitchen.. you know! So today I thought I'd share this very simple idea on how to make these gorgeous and tasty little treats.
Earlier this week I baked berry cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes. And for this I used a basic cupcake recipe like THIS one. After baking the cupcakes I cut a hole in the middle which I filled with berry jam or chocolate dip sauce before closing the hole again. Then I made white fondant stars to go on top of the cupcake and finished the berry cupcakes off with either a strawberry, blackberry or blueberry and the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate flakes. And that's it! Easy breezy.

image by me