Blog Birthday Giveaway #6 - Etre Touchy gloves

Brrrrr. If you're anything like me you probably love Winter, but at the same time really cannot stand the cold. My hands and feet always seem to suffer the most this time of the year, especially when I'm out shooting pictures for my blog. Now Etre has come up with the perfect solution for cold hands during photoshoots: the Touchy gloves. With their missing thumb and index fingertips they give you the freedom to use your camera, phone or tablet while keeping your hands warm. I'm giving away ONE PAIR, so if you're interested please just leave me a comment below with your name and email address and the winner will be announced on my Facebook page next Saturday, December 1st. And that was the last of the giveaways I had planned for you this week! Hope you enjoyed. You can find (and still join) all of them here: #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5.

image for Fash n Chips