Holiday wardrobe

(H&M men's jacket, random tee, Zara trousers, Isabel Marant shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Michael Kors watch and Ray-Ban sunglasses)

This is not an outfit combination I would normally choose to wear - don't ask me why, but it just feels a bit off. I guess this is a typical holiday outfit for me, though. I'm not very good at packing and on my latest getaway to the seaside (I went by car and to me this means I can bring everything) I once again brought too much and ended up being a tad confused about what to wear all week. The very changeable weather here in the Netherlands never helps much either, of course. So anyway, this is what I wore one sunny/chilly/windy afternoon - and as the (sun)light was just a little too good to ignore we simply couldn't help but to come up with these outfit shots :) You can see this look "in action" as well in the video a few posts back.

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