So 90's

This first image is one from Australia Fashion Week that I came across a few days ago and I thought the vintage 'Beverly Hills 90210' tee looked insanely cool, especially worn with those baggy jeans and slouchy blazer.. And as I was right-click-saving (or pinning) this pic I realised I have actually been collecting quite a few 90's inspirational images lately, so I thought I'd share some! I'm not sure if it's just because I was a kid/teenager then or that it really WAS a fabulous decade, but I can't seem to get enough of everything 90's lately. I'm playing 90's music, I recently re-watched the entire series of 'Heartbreak High' and 'My So-Called Life', I'm regretting ever throwing out my (black patent) Dr. Martens and now I've also started my search for the perfect new backpack (oh, and a pair of Nike Air Max - I completely wore out my old ones when I was about 14 years old) Also, how cute is little Joey Potter in that denim overall? Definitely wish I could pull off this look myself..

credit: pic 1 & 4, pic 2,3 and 5 via pinterest