Weekend stroll

(H&M sweater, Zara jeans, H&M scarf (old), Michael Kors watch, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and Isabel Marant boots)

Temperatures here in Holland are still high enough to step outside without a coat on (or at least I thought they were, but I seem to have caught a big cold now, so maybe I was wrong about that?) and I'm still wearing my Isabel Marant Dicker boots without socks.. I really don't think we've ever had an autumn as beautiful and warm(ish) as this one!

Btw, I got featured on NY Magazine's blog The Cut again this weekend - see it here :)

Edit: Since I got a few questions about this knit sweater today - it's a wool/cotton blend, it's very warm and NOT acrylic (I try to never buy anything acrylic..)

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