June '13

June, at times, was pretty good for me. I got to see some of my best friends which is special because this doesn't happen so often (we all live in different countries) and I got to hang out in London for a few days which is always great. I also spent a lot of time watching tennis on tv (BIG fan) but unfortunately Wimbledon turned out to be a little bit disappointing this year as my favourite players all lost or had to retire early on in the tournament. I still find it too addictive not to stay home for though. Anyway, June was also the month I decided to give up my search for the perfect white pump (which is, ironically, usually the moment I finally find it) and try to focus on autumn wishes instead. Can't believe we've now already entered the second half of the year but bring on July and happy weekend everyone! (Instagram @ fash_n_chips)

all images by me

All black

(H&M Trend blazer, Zara trousers and shoes, Topshop shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and Ray-Ban sunglasses)

My latest travel outfit. First time ever I didn't feel like changing into something else right after I arrived actually! All black makes me feel sort of safe and chic at the same time - and so I also wore this to a concert the day I arrived in London. 

image for Fash n Chips

London in June

Unreliable and often chilly weather, summer fairs and festivities, deliciously smelling rose gardens and long walks through beautiful and quiet London streets.. These are some random shots snapped in London earlier this month. Happy weekend!

all images by me

Eight Hundred

(Olive blazer, COS tee and bag, Zara trousers and shoes, Michael Kors watch and Ray-Ban sunglasses)

This is my 800th post on Fash n Chips! And as you can see it's a little outfit pic that we snapped here in London a few days ago. I know I look a bit moody but I really was not. I already posted another pic of this outfit on Instagram earlier, you can find it HERE. These Zebra hairy flat shoes have become my new best friends this week btw, they're so cute and comfy.

image for Fash n Chips